A free cryptocurrency investment game

Monetize your knowledge and compete against other players by buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the game and turn a profit.

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Get involved without the risk.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies and try to turn a profit.

All players initially receive 10,000 COB which are used in-game as the replacement currency for the USD. Players can then choose to buy and sell their cryptocurrency investments or hold them in the hopes that they increase in value over time.

All prices in-game reflect real prices derived directly from the Binance and Bittrex exchanges.

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A free-to-play simulation investment game

Think fantasy football and replace the sport with cryptocurrency. That pretty much covers it.

Test your knowledge or hunches out in a risk-free environment.



Get to know cryptocurrencies and learn the trading ropes without any risk.

Pick your winners

Trade the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market to make a profit.

To The Moon

Feel the rush of adrenalin as your investments increase in value and take off.

Compete and profit

Participate in one of the tournaments for a chance at winning the big prizes.




Achievements to earn


Days in development



Keep track of your in-game portfolio or use it to track the investments you have made outside of the game.
Test out the waters with zero fees, fixed price updates and 10 daily trades available to use.
Rise to the top and be crowned the best investor in Crypto or Bust and grab your share of the prizes.
Keep on top of your investment history. We have made it easy to export it to the most popular editors.
Real prices
All prices in-game are retrieved from Binance and Bittrex and are updated at a fixed rate.
A fun game environment where the players can familarize themselves with cryptocurrencies with no risks.